Concept & Faq's

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. On what basis are the dates for the Sks Exhibitions fixed?

    ANS: The dates for the Sks exhibitions are decided based on the buying seasons in pune ,wedding season and festivals before which the trend to shop increases amongst the local buyers.

  • 2. What furniture and fixtures are included in the SKS Shows?

    ANS: The rate includes an octonom stall with a table and two chairs and two spotlights. The rest of the furniture is chargeable. All accessories like racks, jewellery counters, glass shelves etc have to be ordered from the assigned contractor as they will be responsible for bringing all the furniture through the service entrance. Designers will not be permitted to bring in their own accessories. Hangers although are permitted.Designers will be sent an order form in advance,

    so that they may order out their requirements, and are urged to pay for the accessory in advance.

  • 3. Can we choose which stall we want?

    ANS: Yes certainly you may choose your stall, but you will be charged the choosing fee for the stall. Please ensure that you have been allocated a stall number when you book the stall with us.


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